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Beclate inhaler (Beclomethasone) - Beclate┬« is manufactured by Cipla Ltd.

Beclate Inhaler is administered in the form of aerosol. Before the use, the aerosol spray should be shaken and flipped so that the bottom should be on top, and the injection mechanism - on the bottom. After 3 to 4 normal breaths you should make the maximum exhalation through the mouth and insert injection device, which is tightly clamped with lips, while your nose is tightly clamped with a special pin or fingers. You should make a deep breath through the mouth while pressing the canister, breath is delayed for a few seconds and exhaled through the nose. Spray is removed from the mouth, mouth is tightly covered. The breathing is done through the nose; the conversation is prohibited within 5 - 7 minutes. After use of inhalation aerosols it is necessary to rinse the mouth with clean water.

Buy Beclate Inhaler 

How to use Beclate ?

Children from 6 to 12 years should take the drug in a dosage of 50 - 100 mcg 2 - 4 times a day.

Children over 12 years and adults should take the drug depending upon the severity of the disease.

During the mild course of the disease the drug is prescribed in 200 - 300 mcg per day, divided by 2 inhalations,

During the moderate course you should take 600 - 800 mcg per day, divided by 2 inhalation 

During the severe disease you should take 800 - 1,000 mg per day, divided by 2 inhalation.


The course of treatment and the dose are individually prescribed by your attending doctor.

The drug can be used during pregnancy and lactation with caution, according to strict medical indications.

As for children Beclate Inhaler is not prescribed until the age of 6.


  • the relatively low price of the drug.


  • low bioavailability of the drug;
  • the slow accumulation in the body and achieving a therapeutic effect;
  • one release form of the drug aerosol for inhalation of 50 mcg/dose, 100 mcg/dose, 200 mcg/dose and 250 mcg/dose.

It is used as a basic therapy of bronchial asthma, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic action. Beclate Inhaler inhibits the release of mediators of inflammation, increases the production of lipocortin (annexin) - inhibitor of phospholipase A2, decreases the liberation of arachidonic acid, inhibits the synthesis products of metabolism arachidonic acid - cyclical endoperoxides, Pg.

It reduces inflammation by reducing the formation of substances of chemotaxis (that explains the influence on the "late" reactions of allergies), inhibits the development of the "immediate" allergic reactions (due to inhibition of production of metabolites of arachidonic acid and a decrease in the release of fat cells mediators of inflammation) and improves respiratory epithelial clearance.

Under the action of beclomethasone it decreases the number of fat cells in the mucous membrane of the bronchial tubes, decreases edema of epithelium, secretion of mucus of the bronchial glands, bronchial hyper-reactivity, marginal accumulation of neutrophils, the inflammatory exudation and production of cytokines, inhibits the migration of macrophages, reduces the intensity of the processes of infiltration and granulation, which ultimately improves the performance of respiratory function.

The drug also increases the number of active beta-adrenergic receptors and restores the patient's response to bronchodilators, can reduce the frequency of their use. Practically Beclate Inhaler does not possess ISS activity and resorptive effect after inhalation administration.

In therapeutic doses, it has an active local effect with no side effects that are typical for systemic corticosteroids. It doesna`t relieve bronchospasm, the therapeutic effect develops gradually, usually after 5-7 days of course of beclomethasone dipropionate.