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Buy Xopenex Inhaler - Short-acting Inhaled Bronchodilator

The respiratory system has great value for human life. Weakened immune system and various infections can cause respiratory diseases that directly affect the quality of life. In order to treat such diseases doctors use drugs-bronchodilators.

Bronchodilators include medicines and drugs that relieve bronchospasm, and also struggle with the reasons for the narrowing of the bronchi.

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Xopenex inhaler is a bronchodilator a that is, a drug that is taken by inhalation, used to control the symptoms of asthma, it is available by prescription only. It is a short-acting bronchodilator, used to provide quick relief of asthma symptoms during an attack. Bronchodilators of long-term actions can provide relief of symptoms up to 12 hours, this type of drugs are very useful for people who suffer from nocturnal asthma attacks.

How do bronchodilators work?

Bronchodilators relax the muscles ligaments that tighten around the airways. This rapidly opens the airways, letting more air into the lungs, thus improving breathing.

Bronchodilators can also help a better flow of mucus from the lungs. When the airway is opened, there is more free space, so the mucus can easily get out.

During the average asthma attack it is usually enough to make from 1 to 4 breaths of an inhaler to relieve the symptoms of wheezing and chest tightness. During severe attacks sometimes you have to make more breaths. You need to be aware of the currents and plan your illness, so you should discuss this with your doctor.

What are the side effects of Xopenex inhaler?

Bronchodilators are potent drugs. The abuse can cause dangerous side effects such as high blood pressure and rapid contraction of the heart.


Bronchial asthma, reversible bronchospasm associated with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).


Children 6-11 years:

The recommended dose of Xopenex inhaler is 0.31 mg three times a day via nebulizer. Regular dosing should not exceed 0,63 mg three times a day.

Adults and adolescents 12 years:

The recommended starting dose of Xopenex inhaler is 0.63 mg three times a day, every 6 - 8 hours, using inhalers. Patients of 12 years and older with more severe asthma or patients who do not respond adequately a dose of 0.63 mg of Xopenex inhaler can stay at a dose of 1.25 mg three times a day.

Storage conditions

It should be stored in a dry dark place at a temperature of 15-25 C. Keep out of reach of children.

This drug for inhalation is released exclusively by prescription and is only for people who have an allergy that triggers the symptoms of asthma. Xopenex inhaler acts quickly and is able to help during the attack of asthma. Moreover this tool allows you to clear the lungs from the accumulation of mucus. As experts state, one or two breaths of an inhaler are sufficient for the relief attack.

Considering how powerful medications of bronchodilators (Xopenex inhaler is among them) are, they can trigger palpitations and high blood pressure.