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Flonase or Fluticasone is used in various spheres to treat different diseases, especially allergic rhinitis. This medicine has anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory action, which helps to treat allergic reactions. It is used both in early stages of illness and in severe cases.

The main ingredient affects nasal mucosa and has anti-inflammatory effect. The medical effect starts in 2-4 hours and continues for 24 hours. The medicine helps to reduce nasal congestion, tearing, redness, runny nose, itchy nose, sneezing, etc.

This medication is used to treat chronic allergic rhinitis and doesn't cause any addiction while the main component doesnat lose their effectiveness. Before using Flonase you should consult you doctor and be under control during the treatment. It is clinically proved that the main ingredients do not cause any allergic reactions.

Buy Flonase Online

How to use Flonase?

This medicine is used seasonally to prevent and treat allergic rhinitis. It may be used as an additional remedy. It reduces the symptoms of allergy and helps to breathe normally.

What are the recommended doses of Flonase?

  • You should follow the instructions and dosage Flonase.
  • To treat allergic rhinitis two nasal injections per day is a recommended dose for childern over 12 years old and adults.
  • For 4-12 year old children the recommended dose is 1 nasal injection in each nostril per day.
  • Morning is the best time to do the nasal injections.
  • You may increase the recommended dose up to twice per day if you has a severe case of allergic rhinitis, or reduce the dose. It is recommended to consult your doctor before using the medicine.
  • The effect of treatment may appear in 4-5 day. This means, you shouldn't stop using the medicine if there are no positive effects in the first days. 


  • It is not recommended to use Flonase for pregnant women. Consult your doctor if youave decided to use this medicine.
  • Children younger that four years old shouldnat use Flonase.

Possible side effects of Flonase

Among possible side effects the following are noticed: epistaxis, dryness, unpleasant taste and smell, headache.

Serious side effects are very rare, but if you feel bad, stop using the medication and do not hesitate to call your doctor.