The best inhalers for the prevention of asthma
and the treatment of acute asthmatic episodes.

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Inhalator Serevent is the best remedy for restoring of free breath. Due to few sprays of this inhalator, you will feel freedom of breath and can breathe without any problem. Inhalators Serevent is really very qualitative and safe medical remedies because of active components of this remedy allow curing asthma in very short periods of time, to release the airways and make your breathe free. Serevent is used in c many diseases of respiratory system but basically its activity is used in treatment of bronchial asthma. Serevent was checked and tested more than once and also approved by FDA.

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Influence of Serevent

Serevent is inhalator of new generation. Serevent has antiphlogistic and bronchial-extending influence. Its effective influence quickly helps to relax musculature of airways, due to this person doesn`t have spasms and free way to oxygen releases. Serevent can be used not only for treatment of asthma, its effectiveness helps to eliminate emphysema of lungs, chronic obstructive disease of lungs and some other diseases, also in it is good for prevention. Serevent reduce the risk of bronchial asthma during the nights that allows you nonstop dream and not to worry about your health. After its using you will feel improvements after 5-10 minutes and duration of inhalator effect that continuous till 12hours.

Use of Serevent

Serevent is used very wide and you need to know that particularly this remedy is able to help in your clinical case. Consult with the doctor before taking of this drug. Doctor will prescribe to you the dose and instructions which should be followed by you during the using of remedy. Serevent is offered only in form of inhalation. Basic dose that is prescribed at the beginning of treatment is 50mkg 2 times in 24 hours. But the doctor can change dose in dependence of treatment.


It is worthy to pay attention during the using of Serevent on side effects and Contraindications. Side effects of Serevent almost don`t manifest with right using of remedy. Convenient using of remedy and only natural influence allows getting of such effect. All Contraindications that were prescribed by your doctor are needed to be done obligatorily. Some limits are included in them, for example, Serevent is not recommended to people who have allergy on this substance, using of remedy during the pregnancy is undesirable and also it is forbidden to take the remedy by children less than 4 years with having of arrhythmia and arterial hypertension.

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